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extension home improvement the project centre weymouth dorset

The Project Centre




If you are looking for more space but don't want to consider moving, an extension or conservatory could be the answer. 


You could potentially expand your existing home for less money than it would cost to move.

Using the Government Interactive Planning Portal you can discover what can be achieved with or without planning permission.

Planning Permission Dorset - Interactive Planning Tool

With the relaxing of planning regulations an extension is currently a relatively simple project to achieve.


Whether it be a garage conversion, single extension or loft conversion the only requirement should be building regulations, and as we are LABC partners, this is a pain free process we will complete for you.

Extensions Weymouth Dorset - The Project Centre

If after your initial FREE no obligation assessment planning permission is required a further FREE visit from our architect can be arranged.


So give us a call and talk to us...

extension home improvement the project centre weymouth dorset
eXtensions The Project Centre Weymouth Dorset
conservatory home improvement the project centre weymouth dorset

Using state of the art glass and frame technology means that in summer, your conservatory  or orangery will maintain a comfortable temperature and during winter, due to it's high energy efficiency, it will be snug,  thus making your conservatory/orangery a usable room all year round.

Should you have an existing conservatory it should be possible to give you the majority of the benefits of a new conservatory with a simple upgrade.


A glass roof can be a reality without the requirement of blinds due to anti-reflective glass used in our conservatory roofs

Conservatories The Project Centre Weymouth Dorset
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